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11 Oct, 2021

5 main features of Digi khata and how they can benefit you?

Digi Khata is one of the best and awesome bookkeeping and accounting software and app to manage your business accounts and ledger without any manual hassle. It is a free online khata book app to control and manage your personal and business accounts. There is a wide range of different and unique features it offers to its users to manage their transactions, payments, and installments, etc. These features help the users to manage their business and personal accounts very easily.

Let’s have a look at the best 5 features of Digi Khata and how beneficial they are for you:

Collect your Receivables 3 Times Faster

Have you been worried lately about how you will collect your accounts receivable when your business is moving towards growth? In that case, you do not need to worry because Digi Khata has your back in this regard. It can be very troubling to keep track of your receivables.

Keeping track of everything manually can be very troublesome, and sometimes it is not even possible. Digi Khata brings you an accounts receivable feature by which you can easily manage your business accounts receivable process. Now you can efficiently operate the cash flow cycle and also enhance your relationship with the customers.
You can set a specific date and a reminder and it will be sent to the customer/supplier in the form of SMS of WhatsApp message.

Overall, the accuracy in accounts receivable will be increased, and it will be much faster than being done manually step by step. Digi Khata is your one-stop solution for collecting accounts receivable three times faster as compared to any other accounting application out there.

Available in 4 scripts

At Digi Khata, you are not only given the chance to work with multiple scripts and currencies of your choice. You can change the settings and manage your business by using your first or native language if you are not very good or fluent in the English language. Digi Khata gives you this relief to work with ease in the script you can comfortably communicate.

Moreover, Digi Khata offers you a global platform where you can manage your business or personal account in any foreign currency you want. Anyone anywhere in the world can use this app and work in their currency. It does not only facilitate the Pakistani users but also gets the international audience with its unique features.
The scripts include English, Roman Urdu, Original Urdu, and Sindhi.

This facility of multiple scripts and currencies helps Digi Khata in attracting customers from all around the world and they make it easy for them to manage their businesses from anywhere in the world.

Multiple users can access the ledger in real-time

Digikhata makes it possible for 2 to 3 users to access the ledger from any location. It is a great feature when multiple people are running a joint venture or partnership. It is a must-have feature to keep transparency in business.

When a particular user has made some changes in the ledger, all other users will see that. It is a great feature to have in accounting management software because it can keep track of who is changing what. This way, keeping track of all the records and books of accounts is straightforward and organized. So, what are you waiting for?
Get Digi Khata right now and make your business books of accounts organized!

Generate and share free business cards

Business cards are essential for every business out there. People recognize you and your business from your business cards, and that is why you must get them to design appropriately. With the application, you can organize your books of accounts and generate free business cards for your business. It will save you a lot of time and money in the long run because you will not have to go out there and hire a graphic designer for this purpose.

They will not only charge you a lot of money for it, but it will also be a very time taking process. You can get rid of that hassle designing your business cards automatically in Digi Khata. After that, you can also share your business cards with your colleagues and others.

Free online payments

Digikhata brings you the easiest way to make payments online. Suppose your business is expanding further then you will have to make hundreds of online payments every day. For that, you need to keep track of all the payments you are making so that you do not lose what you are doing.
To resolve this issue, Digi Khata brings your feature in which you can easily make online payments and keep track of them efficiently to stay organized. It will be a great way to keep your business activities recorded, and your business operations will move smoothly.

Bonus: Earn money just by inviting people

Now, this is the most interesting and amazing feature which this business software offers you. You can earn money through them just by inviting people over to use this app. You can earn up to 50,000 by sending invites to people. How cool is that?!

Digi Khata is one of the best accounting software in Pakistan. The Khata book helps its users in keeping the track of their business and managing the business with the help of Digital skills. Access to this bookkeeper software is very easy. You can use Digi khata for a laptop or download the Digi Khata app from the play store.

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